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There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colours...

"...One chilly morning in March, I cannot tell you exactly how many springs later, Hazel was dozing and waking in his burrow. He had spent a good deal of time there lately, for he felt the cold and could not seem to smell or run so well as in days gone by. He had been dreaming in a confused way - something about rain and elder bloom - when he woke to realize that there was a rabbit lying quietly beside him - no doubt some young buck who had come to ask his advice. The sentry in the run outside should not really have let him in without asking first. Never mind, thought Hazel. He raised his head and said,
"Do you want to talk to me?"
"Yes, that's what I've come for", replied the other. "You know me, don't you?"
"Yes, of course," said Hazel, hoping he would be able to remember his name in a moment. Then he saw that in the darkness of the burrow the stranger's ears were shining with a faint silver light.
"Yes, my lord," he said. "Yes, I know you".
"You've been feeling tired," said the stranger, "but I can do something about that. I've come to ask whether you'd care to join my Owsla. We shall be glad to have you and you'll enjoy it. If you're ready, we might go along now".
-Richard Adams, Watership Down

SEND US the pics of your departed friends. It doesn't matter if they had fur, feathers or scales --we don't discriminate.

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LOKI, our Norwegian Forest Skogkatt (may 2nd - august 9th 1999)

"The light that burns half as long, burns twice as brightly."
Blade Runner

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Remembering Laura T.'s Mara (2000) and Tyler (1994)

"My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today." (R.Adams)

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Cìngolo (1993 - 2000),
Sebastiano and Eva (Genova)

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Igor (june 2nd 2001). You will always be in Sara's heart. After the abandon, your unhappy life, and *real* love found so late, now you'll run free and happy on the Bridge, with many friends, without pain.

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Pepe and Pepita : Alfonso and Monika will always remember you (Koeln, Germany)

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Pauli , you left a bittersweet memory to Angelika (Germany)

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Lou, (Feb. 25th 2000): Lilly and Mirtilla still feel like you're always near them.

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Tara, who left for the Bridge with her unborn babies. Marcella will never forget you.

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Turuturu, a sweet Guines pig, a "sweet tooth" who mumbled a lot but gave so much love to all his human and animal friends. He left for the Bridge while sleeping. He was Sara's special friend.

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Bella, Gloria U.'s beloved baby (2001).
"Bunnies are just angels with floppy ears instead of a halo." (Gloria)

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HRH Fuzzbucket, our friend Lara C.'s beloved darling, has gone (Nov.23rd 2001).
"If love alone could have saved you
you never would have died.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again."

Go in peace, Fuzzwah.

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Dearest Susy, (Jan. 19th 2002), you've been the proof that all bunnies are smart and sweet. Peppe and all you human family will never forget you.
"They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories,
I only wanted you."

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Pamela remembers her little Gigio , who fell asleep forever after eight wonderful years together. She wants to thank him for all the love he gave her. Gigio, you'll always be in her heart and in her eyes.

Our dearest friend Lilli has gone (feb.16th 2002). "In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place
no one could ever fill."

Laura and Riccardo will never forget you. You'll always be their long-eared little angel.

Juny, a beautiful little angel, was Sara's best friend

Our dear friend Sam, left for the Bridge, april 28th 2002.
We'll remember you, Sam, always...

Flo,Vito and Fiorella will always remember you with joy and happiness.

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Pomellino (june 15th 2000 - may 14th 2002) has left for the Bridge.
Tittona, Cippy and Sabry will never forget your forelock waving in the wind while you run.
Thank you for the joy you gave to your family.

Our dear friend Nacchio has gone.
"I will not look back for there is sorrow. I will not look for today for there is longing. I will look forward for there is our tomorrow."
Farewell, Nacchietto.

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On june 29th 2002 Jerry left for the Bridge; he has been saved from a meat breeder, thanks to Fulvia and David: he lived a happy life with his foster parents and two human little brothers; they will always remember you, you were so lovely!

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Priscilla has gone; Silvia rescued her but it was too late. She has been more loved in the few days with Silvia than in all her (too brief) life.

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Oliver, our friend Ellen G. 's beloved bunny, left for the Bridge on January 2001.
Dear Oliver, you'll be always in Ellen's heart.

Léon, you've been Monica and Gianni's joy for seven years.
They loved you so much and they'll never forget you.

Pungolo left for the Bridge on sept. 18th 2002.
His hoominz thank him for all the joy he gave them; you've been a wonderful friend.
they miss you so much, but they know for sure you'll be always in their hearts.

Claudia's Baby Birkof (born oct. 1st 2002) took a quick look at the world and decided it was better to leave for the Bridge, on oct.4th 2002.
Don't get cold on the journey, little one.

Tippete, Mary's best friend, left for the Bridge when he was only 2 mo. old, taken away by Frontline and a not-rabbit-savy vet.

Ottimo has been Linda's best friend for five years: now she hopes all the people who'll see him will remember him someway.

After eight happy years Pippo left his beloved human Alice on December 2001.

ChibiMaryPoci On January 12 2003 our dearest friend Mary left for the Bridge. I hope her family, Susanna, Daniela and Beatrice will be glad to see her between her two siblings, Chibi (left, 1995- Dec.8th 1997) and Pocì (Nov.15th 1997 - Feb.17th 2001), who surely will wait for her on the other side.

Pikkio crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 14th, 2003: Serena will never forget him. He filled her life like only bunnies can do! Sooner or later we will meet again, PIkkio-honey, I know that. On that day I will cuddle you a lot and everything will be perfect. Thanks for choosing me on that August afternoon, 3 years ago: you ran towards me, licked my hand and asked me to carry you away with me. And you changed my life for the better! Thanks for giving all yourself to me. I will never forget you. Serena

Nocciolina, you'll always be with the one who loved you.

On feb. 16th 2003 Piccio left for the Bridge, killed by unlashed dogs. Claudia would just want you to know in those 4 months you spent with her, you gave her all the love she needed: life has not been kind to you, and she hopes she has been able to make you happy. She misses you so much.

Our dearest friend Billy suddenly leaved for the Bridge (may 2001 - april 13th 2003).
"Goodbye and thank you for all the love and fun you gave us. Paolo, Chiara & Tata."

Little Tobi
has gone. "You were just arrived and so much loved, even by my cats: we all loved you, you were so sweet and loving. I never forget when I picked up some clover from the garden for your lunch. I cannot even realize you left for a tummy problem. I miss you so much, I hope you're happy now."